Posted on: February 21, 2008 11:08 am

Money is stressing me big time

Here is my deal............ I just bought another house, my old house has not sold. I am dying here, every week the checkbook gets lower and lower. I do not want sympathy, a lot of people cannot afford even one house, the wife and I make good money but in no way shape or form do we drive a BMW or a Audi. I worked hard for the downpayment, I took a gamble that my old house would sell within a reasonable time frame. GUESS AGAIN. Now my car needs a catylitic converter,,,,,,, there goes a grand, man when it rains it pours.......

The problem is that with all the talk of recession, and the media saying that house sales are down, they are screwing me and everyone else. It is a great time to buy, you can get a good deal and you can get a good rate. My house is priced right, already dropped it down twice, is it the weather or the idiots panicing about the econonmy? I hope to he11 that the warm weather comes soon, people get out and look at my old house. I spent a lot of money and time on that place, it is not perfect, but it has been updated and well maintained. My biggest fear is that I will have to give it away for a pathetic price so I don't lose both houses. I just put in new carpet, painted, but everyone wants perfect for next to nothing, this is making me think about hitting the booze again........ J/K.

Thank Goodness my tax refund will cover the 2 mortgages for 2 months, past that I dunno............ I would hate to do something desperate. I already work my regular job and will be working part time in the spring.... This is weighing on me heavily right now, I am keeping the heat at a low tempature because oil is so expensive. I can afford the house I am in, but cannot afford the old one, the utilities, and the thought of just eating macaroni and cheese for the next few months, THIS SUCKS.

I tried the St. Joseph picture, burried in the yard, still early. I was also thinking of spreading little organge aspirins all over the grass, St. Joseph is supposed to help you sell your house. Now I am told I have to buy a statue of St. Joseph, hey I am getting desperate, I just want to go back to waking up each day worrying about one set of Bills, normal everyday stress, not this double duty crap.

Finally, I am through whining, my hearts and prayers go out to the real people in need, the homeless the jobless, and the physically impared. May the good Lord help us all in one way shape or form.

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