Posted on: May 8, 2008 10:44 am

Why I hate Hillary, the highway, and the store

I wish their was a candiate I could trust in the White House for the next 4 years, one thing for certain, Hillary Clinton is the absolute worse choice. Not only does she lie and deceive, she is physically very annoying to me. He smile is a phony as a three dollar bill, her voice is close to the AFLAC duck. (stole that one from Bigbenslady08). I hated her when she was the first lady, now I hate her even more. She waffles on every GD issue and then instead of having insight into a resolution, she attacks her opponents. Hillary is what is wrong with this country, she is the queen of the sour punch that is poisoning America.

Every day people get nastier and nastier, nobody holds open doors for me, when I sneeze, almost nobody ever blesses me. I try to sneeze in church, that way I have blanket coverage and don't have to rely on strangers. Our highways are filled with inconsiderate losers who are either too rich,too poor, or just plain obnoxiously inconsiderate to care about me and the people they share the road with. Our stores are filled with people who would push past you to gain a lousy minute in the checkout line.

On Sunday I had this old b!tch cut ahead of me in the Express ailse. FIrst off she had 20 items easily and was very slow to put them on the belt. Then she watches the scanned groceries pile up, never thinking to help bag any of them, and then whips out a food stamp card. She screws up the PIN number, not once but twice, both times the head cashier had to come over with a key.  Maybe I should feel sorry for her that she had a food stamp card and was obvioulsy elderly. However, since she was a total assh0le to begin with, no sympathy from me. My mom is in her 70's, worked hard all her life, she pays cash at the counter and tries to help make her transactions go expediotiously as to not impeed the progress of those behind her. I feel the same way, when my transaction is held up, I apologize to the person(s) behind me in line, and it is not even my fault the cashier messed up, I just feel bad that I was somewhat repsonsible for adding to their wait. I won't change, I still let the person behind me go ahead of me if they have a significant amount of items than I do, but I have altered my approach. I tell them if they are paying cash they can go ahead of me, because I am also in a hurry. I refuse to let them screw me over because if they are using an ATM card for a loaf of bread, they just ain't worth my time.

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