Posted on: March 12, 2008 11:10 am

Why I hate my State

I live in Taxetticut, (CT),where everyone either hates us, or thinks we are rich........ Well I can be likeable,  provided you are not a homer Patriot fan trying to get me to root for your team....  Gas prices just went up, AGAIN... It cost me 850 dollars to fill my oil tank on Monday, talk about BS, man I cannot wait until I put a wood stove in. I actually split some firewood yesterday for the fireplace, kinda enjoyed being outside with nature doing man stuff. My wife is the greatest, she actually asked about the wood stove and how easy it would be to maintain. Hallalujah, at least she is willing to chuck a few logs in while I am at work.

Also, I definitely be getting a good chain saw, I have a lot of trees in my property that are hardwood. I am thinking the Husqvarna Rancher, good H.P. 20" bar. I have a 16" Husky now, but it is more for trimming and small jobs, I want a MAN SAW. Not sure if I want to spend all my free time splitting wood, I can earn the cost of a cord of wood working at my part-time job on Saturday. But then again, how much free time do I have to spend doing what I need to, enjoying life. All I do is work, that is all I know, lately though this posting has gotten me off-track, but that is only because the weather is crappy. I still do one project a day, even if it is as simple as intstalling light bulbs or fixing a door knob.

With that said, when will winter be over. I hate snow to begin with, plus cold weather limits your outdoor fun unless you are a skier or go ice fishing. My days of riding a tobagan down a slippery hill are over. Heck, one bad crash on a sled and I am out of a job, it's funny how as you get older and your Bills become bigger, you take less risk. I guess that is what comes with age, wisdom and a huge mortgage.

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