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Posted on: March 22, 2009 7:45 pm

Make my day Mr. Oak Tree.

 Spend part of today at the range.  I joined an outdoor range because the indoor range does not allow my .44 magnum, destroys the backstop.  I wonder how much longer I can afford to buy ammo, I am looking at a reloader, at least for the pistols. Shotgun shells are still pretty cheap and I have dozens of boxes in inventory.  I also thought about turning in both my Smith's and getting a second Glock. I am looking at Model G35, it looks good for militiary style target shooting and a tactical weapon. I also like the .40 S&W much better than the 9mm, more stopping power.  Again I have to look at the price of ammo, my .357 allows me to use .38's which are pretty cheap, but hardly even jolt my hand. I mean that is the point right, stopping power, I doubt I shoot a Burglar at 50 yards.

I wonder why paintball is so popular, I mean yeah you get to shoot people but it is a just paint. I get more satisfaction with the real thing blasting holes into targets. I got a badge years ago for Trap, went 50 for 50, shooting doubles, so yeah moving targets are fun too. And I did this with my Mossberg 5500, really a field gun, however I did put in the modified skeet choke and I was using 1.25 oz of 9 shot in some high brass shells. I like to kill what I hit. At least I was smart enough to buy the magnum barrell for goose hunting LOL.


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