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Posted on: February 15, 2008 11:12 am

A man's perspective around the house

I gotta admit, I have power tools up the wazoo. I love chainsaws, weed whackers, and my Echo hedge trimmer. I like fixing things and destroying things both. I love gas appliances to death. Just got a gas stove, ....... "now I'm cooking with gas".... I cook on my Weber Grill 12 months out of the year. I don't give a happy crap if it is 10 below and snowing, I want my steak on a grill. Anyone who takes a piece of meat and broils it in the oven, you need to be  executed. I also love my air compressor, when 18V Dewalt or a wratchet won't do, go with air baby. I rotate my own tires, it's my version of the NASCAR pit crew. Yeah snow blowing sucks, but I do love to shoot the stuff 30 feet into the air, I feel like I am exacting revenge for it having the nerve to land on my driveway. And I cannot wait until the warm weather, I want to detail my car like nobody's business..... My water feed line for the outdoor faucet runs directly through and insulated area, so until we see 40 degrees, I have to have the line off. It is killing me not to be able to wash, wax, and shine the living bejesus out of my tires.

And who does not love Bacon. I can have it any time, any day. Bacon and Eggs, BLT's,. Bacon Cheeseburgers. And if you have not tried this combo on your pizza, you are missing out........... sliced tomato and bacon, holy mother of gawd is that to die for. I make a dip too, cream cheese, bacon bits, diced tomato, and shredded lettuce on Townhouse Crackers. When I go to Chuck's Steak House, they have a salad bar with a entire bowl of bacon bits! I usually take about half the bowl dump it on my salad and my potato, until the only color you see is reddish-brown.

Finally, as a man, some things I just don't get. WHO CARES if the toilet paper unrolls front or back, it all goes to sh1t anyhow........ And I do all of our shopping, but gave back the laundry to the Mrs.  She was smart at first, washing my red t-shirts with the socks, I ended up with, no wait she ended up with a whole lotta pink socks. I do not wear pink, the color just reaks of potential orientation issues I would rather not leave up to discussion. So now I got smart and folded the clothes like an animal, so now I don't have to do laundry anymore.

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