Posted on: March 8, 2009 5:27 pm

I McGivered a couch!

So the black lab likes to chew, unfortunately the litte SOB saw a loose thread on the couch. After 2 months of attempting to deter the dos with sheets, covers, and even an upside down laundry basket, he found the foam and destroyed my couch. It is a 3 pc. sectional with a sleeper, corner, and a recliner end. The part that got ruined was on the relcliner end, the spot next to the recliner  that connected to the corner, this couch seats five. So I figured chuck out the couch even though 4/5 of it was still good. With the recliner the end piece weighed a few hundred pounds and just cumbersome, I did drag it out of the house onto the deck myself. Now I am looking at the couch and the pickup truck, No way Jose am I young enough anymore to ho-ho a couch into a pickup by myslef. All my friends are at work, no neighbor is home.

Tools at this point come in handy, so I figured if I took the sawzall and cut the sucker in half, I could lift each piece into the truck and head to the dump. Upon further examination, the one destroyed section was connected to the recliner section with some oak boards, tacks, fabric, and some screws. So I sawed the sucker in half with the sawzall, but did not destroy the half with the recliner. It looked okay and the other section was obviously destroyed and I started unscrewing it and pulling the fabric off to make it lighter. Now I am thinking, what if I don't saw the half with the recliner up, but attach some fabric onto the bare plywood frame on the side. So I got the staple gun out and fired up the air copressor. Bingo, easy job. Now it looks okay but is missing balance, It has two out of four legs, so it tilts to one side. So I grab the legs off the broken part, unscrew the brackets and then make a side frame them affix the legs onto the other end of the recliner. Then I took the corner unit, about 100 lbs. and move it to the basement. I put the busted up pcs. into the truck and the recliner back into the house. It fits perfectly to the sleeper end, now I have a 3 person couch that has a sleeper and a recliner, and nobody can tell unless I pont it out to them. Smile

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